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Armed Forces Day – Halifax

Armed Forces day this weekend saw a fun day for the DWR maquette! The day started at 0700 when John Hogg arrived on site fully loaded with the stall and all its exhibits. Set up by 0800 and dressed in uniform close to the the Woolshops site so it was easy to explain where the […]

Moulding and Casting

Moulding and Casting – 1strubber coat. Once the sculpture is finished and approved by the client, the next process is to make the mould. The clay is initially covered with a thin layer of silicone rubber (with the consistency of single cream). This is carefully applied to the clay surface using a brush, making sure […]

Filming with David Ainley

Filming with David Ainley. David Ainley has been commissioned by the Duke of Wellington’s Regimental Appeal Committee to produce a film of the sculpting process for Memorial Sculpture – this was his first visit and gives you an insight into the amount of time and thought involved in this project with every attention to detail. […]

The Rapid Sketch Technique

The Rapid Sketch Technique – the uniform. Once the soldier’s anatomy has been successfully established, Andrew then uses the Rapid Sketch Technique to position all the aspects of the uniform and the soldier’s equipment.These photos beautifully display how this system works effectively, showing how folds of cloth are implied by the application of linear clay […]

First Figure and the start of its construction

Constructing the Armature Creating a good armature is essential, not just to capture the design of the figure from the outset, but crucially to provide strength and stability to support the clay sculpture. Andrew welds steel bar, cut and measured to scale, onto a moveable dolley base. A pre-made foam head is added and thick […]

Alwyn Chapman and Tracker Oakley organized the April gathering of retired Dukes from the rank & file of the regiment. On April the 7th the Dukes took over the ‘Barum Top Inn’ Wetherspoons Pub in Halifax for the first of 2018 unofficial reunions. Dukes of all ranks accompanied by wives, partners & girlfriends turned up […]

News from Wellington College

The Regimental Association’s status as part of the Wellington College Community continues to pay dividends; almost literally.  The College has a fine set of history boards, exhibited in the passages of the main building, which tell the tale of the College’s story since it was founded at the same time as the 33rd were renamed […]


COMMISSIONING OF THE ARTIST Since announcing the intention to raise a Memorial to the Regiment, there have been a number of important developments the first of which is that a sculptor, Andrew Sinclair, has been commissioned. His design, which will be unveiled in maquette form at Apsley House on 6th March by The Duke of […]