Brief for The Memorial to The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment

Project Objectives. The memorial is to:

  • Reflect the 33rd and 76th Regiments of Foot
  • Explain the link to The Duke of Wellington (and thus the name of the Regiment)
  • Celebrate the connection with the West Riding of Yorkshire and the sterling qualities of the Yorkshire soldier.
  • Convey a history of the Regiment and promote further reading and research.
  • Maximise the symbolism of all elements.

The Design. The memorial should where possible include:

  • The crest(s) of the Regiment
  • Include the motto ‘Virtutis Fortuna Comes’
  • The Honorary Colours (including the Spearheads) with the battle honours emblazoned
  • The Indian elephant and howdah
  • Commemorate the First Duke of Wellington and his part in the history of the Regiment
  • An indication of the importance of the game of rugby football to the Regiment
  • Reflect the family culture of the Regiment

Other Factors.

The memorial is to be visually appealing and well proportioned

  • It is to sit well within the chosen context
  • In designing the memorial, the long term maintenance requirements must be considered.
  • Modern technologies are to be employed where feasible and consideration given to ‘future proofing’
  • Consideration is also to be given to the use of alternative materials as a cost saving means (if required).
  • The location (in the town centre) means that the local vernacular may have to be taken into account.
  • Furthermore the views of Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council will also have to be considered as will those of their Planning Committee.