The Memorial for the Regiment will be unveiled by The Duke of Wellington on Friday 17 May. The precise details of the day are still being worked out and will be publicised as soon as they are known. In the meantime please save this date for what will be a major Regimental event and pass these details on to anyone you think will be interested.



Eddie Towler contacted us about miniatures as he felt there was a demand for something like this – it has been looked at long and hard and this is the decision the trustees have made:

There will be a limited edition of only 33 – (15 have already been secured) in 48 hours so I wanted to get this out to you all 21stDecember 2018.

Total cost will be £600

Deposit required to be £200

Followed by up to 8 monthly instalments of £50 (the number of instalments can be reduced if individuals wish)

The figures will be on a first come first serve basis therefore if you wish to be on the list for one of only 33 made ever you need to send Eddie a private post so he can add you to the list


The Association will have to place an order for a specific number of these figures. The reason for this is simply that Trustees do not want to be holding any unsold pieces.

Each will come suitably mounted, numbered and signed by the artist.

Once we know the number required it will be possible to give a likely delivery date.

I am attaching photographs of the modern soldier from the maquette in case you do not already have it.

The 20th Century figure will be cast in powder bronze the same as the Duke on Horseback figure and will be 355mm.

We have had a massive response from previous posts that Eddie has posted on his Facebook page and I wanted to share this across all media so please share and make everyone aware. It has taken some time to sort out the nuts and bolts of the idea.

The figures will be on a first come first serve basis therefore if you wish to be on the list for one of only 33 made ever you need to send Eddie a private post so he can add you to the list. edwintowler@icloud.com


Latest process happening at the studio


Sale of Silver Initial sales are to Ex DWR Regular and Reserve soldiers and immediate family –  

Open now proceeds are going towards the memorial.
All the silver will be subject to a sealed bid auction with a minimum price according to its value by silver weight. Non silver ’valuable’  property by sealed bid also remaining property sold at a fixed price on a ‘first come first served’ basis. All details of items being sold will be on the website for the duration of the sale period.
The main stuff – Silver – and some selected items are in a silent auction, with some silver and EPNS property having fixed prices, both by bidding.
Then there is property with fixed prices, purchase is cash on viewing days in Huddersfield Drill Hall –  26th Nov – 7th Dec.

Halifax Flower Club Event Thursday 6th December

Come and join the HALIFAX FLOWER CLUB who presents it’s Christmas Show House Event “A Christmas Cracker” at Lee House, Lee Lane, Shibden, Halifax HX3 6UJ on Thursday 6th December 2018 10am – 8pm. Tickets £8 (to include tea, coffee and mince pies) available on the door or from Alison 01924 493351. All the arrangements for sale, collection at the end of the show. Donations to Duke of Wellington’s Memorial Appeal.

It will be hosted by Suzanne McDonald, daughter of the late Major Keith McDonald.

Please help to support this worthy Cause.

Flower arranging clubs and societies joined together as the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies in 1959. The Association has since been a unifying and guiding mainstay to thousands of men, women and juniors whose love of flowers has opened up a whole new world of creativity.

Working in Wax

Dukes’ Memorial Sculpture: Soldier 2

Andrew Sinclair is now into the second Soldier of the three life sized figures as part of this composition.

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Video by David Ainley of the Second Soldier

Now Andrew Sinclair is into the 2nd Soldier – the 2nd of 3 figures as part of this composition. It has been remarkable watching this process and seeing the design unfold and enormous amount of work that is going in to this incredible statue. Just have a look at this next video…..


Global appeal of Regiment’s statue unveiling and Army life really has been a family affair for the five!

Great granddaughter Dawn Bray was interviewed… 

Four granddaughters and the great grand daughter of Corp William Gartside are proud to share their story.  The family of Corporal William Gartside hope to be making an emotional trip to West Yorkshire from Australia when the statue commemorating the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment is unveiled next year.

“As an Australian, I find it difficult to reconcile that the Dukes are not already commemorated in this way.“Every small town in Australia has a WWI memorial with the names of the fallen and local regiments have been honoured for decades.“This is why our family have made a contribution to the commissioning of the memo- rial, which will take pride of place in Halifax’s town centre.

“I call on all other members of the Dukes family to give what they can, even if it is a few pounds, on behalf of our brave forefathers and to honour their courage and service which has given the Regiment such a proud name.

Frear brothers who have all served….

It’s often said that the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment is like a family, but the Frears really were brothers-in-arms. All five of the siblings, from Cleckheaton, served in the regiment, with eldest brother Ken first, although he died in service aged just 19 in 1956. He was followed by Robert, John, Cliff and Christopher, all of whom are fiercely proud of their Dukes connection.“There is one other family I’m aware of that (in the Dukes) had five brothers,” says Cliff, 70.“It makes the family connection even tighter. We had some good days and bad days.

And the brothers also agree next year’s statue to the Dukes, to be situated at Woolshops in Halifax, will be a fine tribute.“The memorial means everlasting life doesn’t it?” adds Cliff. “Now the Duke of Wellington’s name will live on for- ever, which is very important.

“I think it’s a super idea,” says Chris. “The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment were, without a doubt, the finest regiment in the British Army for lots of things.

“Everything about it was really, really good and it’s a fitting memorial.”