The Rapid Sketch Technique

The Rapid Sketch Technique – the uniform.

Once the soldier’s anatomy has been successfully established, Andrew then uses the Rapid Sketch Technique to position all the aspects of the uniform and the soldier’s equipment.These photos beautifully display how this system works effectively, showing how folds of cloth are implied by the application of linear clay strokes to the apparently naked human figure.

Sculpting the details.

You can see from these images how Andrew’s method now progresses, using smaller linear strokes to define shapes. This approach is rather like a camera lens coming into focus – as he moves around the figure in stages, gradually each shape or feature becomes clearer and more defined – this is the sculpting stage. Notably you will see some items, like buckles or buttons, which Andrew has pre-moulded and cast because multiples are required and it is an effective method of achieving great results. Props are also used to create surfaces that are difficult to represent in clay (eg. the drinks bottle)